5 Main Side effects of late Night Sleeping By Adil Ahmad Shah

5 Main Side effects of late Night Sleeping By Adil Ahmad Shah

By Adil Ahmad Shah

Many people do not get enough quality sleep, and this can affect their health, well-being, and ability to do everyday activities

How much sleep do people need?

  Age                     Hours of sleep
4–12 months.       12–16 Hours
1–2 years.             11–14 Hours
3–5 years.             10–13 Hours 
6–12 years.           9–12 Hours 
13–18 years          8–10 Hours 
18–60 years          7 or more Hours 
If you want to keep yourself happy & Healthy, you should wake up by 5:00 am in the morning. If you cannot get up so early, you should try to wake up as early as possible, but you must wake up at least before sunrise.So now this is Up to you if you want to wake up 5 am then you need to sleep 10-11 Pm, Just like 18-60 Years Age Group Need to Sleep 7 Hour , then Sleeping Continuously 7 Hours is good for your Health.

5 Main Side Effects of Late Night Sleeping Are :

1. Concentration Problem :
(You wan't be able to concentrate 100% on your daily activities)

2. Memory Problems :
(Your memory power will decrease over time with frequent delay of Sleep)

3. Mood Swing :
(Research shows that people with less sleep will have frequent mood swings in a day)

4. Health Issues ;
(Diabetes, Stroke, Heart disease, Heart failure, Heart attack, Irregular heartbeat, High blood pressure)

5. Obesity :
(With less Sleep, more chances you will become obese & gain Weight in less duration)

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